Ready to Ship 1st week December

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Update 11-23-14: These knives will not be shipped until the first week of December. They will ship on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you and Happy Holidays! -Jason & Hazel

If you haven't already done so, feel free to browse our website at

Please note that if a folder is labelled "ready to ship around 10-12-2012" or similar, that means the knives are here with me in Cebu, and I am shipping them to my father where he will ship them to individual customers. This saves you money in shipping since it cost a lot to ship from here, but only regular US postal rates from my fathers (about $7 domestic US, $24 international for USPS Priority mail). We say "around" because we can't guarantee the exact depends on if US Customs delays it. The vast majority of the shipments make it within a day or two of the estimated date. Rarely it takes 4-6days to clear Customs.

Also we are trying something new...previously we had all items automatically hidden when they sold so customers wouldn't be clicking on items that have already sold out...but we have gotten a lot of requests for pics/specs of items after buyers have purchased their item so we are now leaving the item able to be viewed, but marked "soldout" so the knife doesn't sell twice. This gives customers a chance to record the specs after buying the item so they have the specs/images on hand. After a short time the soldout items will be disabled/hidden so the store doesn't get filled up with soldout items. Thank you -Jason & Hazel

If you wish to be notified of when new knives are listed for sale, you can request to be added to our mailing list (we only send out 1-3 emails per month so you won't be spammed to death), or add us on Twitter ( ).

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