The new site is finally up!

Posted by Jason Ecos on

We finally have the new site up...and that also means we now accept credit cards, and we will continue accepting Paypal.

The site is pretty basic, which is a good thing. Back when I first started Ecos I wanted a nice custom site...custom graphics, great resolution, nice photo galleries, etc etc.  Well I taught myself to learn Macromedia Dreamweaver, and a few other programs to make our first site. Along the way what I learned was more complicated isn't always better. For example I made custom photo galleries featuring some of our products in categories...karambits, bowies, hamon lined blades, etc. Any time I wanted to add a new knife to the photo gallery I had to redo it. Which ended up being a pain in the butt so I rarely updated it.

With this site I went the basic route. You are here to see our work. Not look at a fancy website. Keeping it simple means less time for me to update things. Less time I spend doing stuff like that the more time I can spend actually making knives. Which is by far my favorite part of this. I'm not a very good businessman. I don't enjoy sitting at a desk. I don't enjoy doing marketing. I enjoy making stuff with my hands. The new site makes the business end much easier so I get to do what I enjoy the most.

So whats new?

#1 We now accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard,American Express, JCB, Discover, and some others). All transactions are done through a 3rd party processor who uses the best security the industry has to offer. All transactions are as secure as they can be.This of course was very important to us.

#2 We have an integrated blog. Years ago I tried an external blog but it was just too cumbersome to use and I found myself very rarely updating it. This one is sleeker to use and I plan on updating it on a regular basis. This will include important news such as shipping delays, and also general interest stuff like picture of works in progress, photos of us, family, and life in general for us. I often have people ask "what are you guys working on now?", "Do you have any of these coming soon?", "Whats life like there?" I'm a bit of an introvert, and rarely like attention focused on me, but I do enjoy reading about other people whos work I enjoy...other knifemakers, authors, etc. So I'll be posting more stuff so you might be able to get to know us a little better.

#3  We are going about pictures of our previous work a bit differently. Before we did the fancy photo galleries. Now we are just plopping everything into our Flickr account. This is less organized, but far easier for us to update so you'll see more pictures added more frequently...probably monthly. It also saves me the hassle of trying to decide what album to put a knife in. "hmm it has a clip point bowie style blade but with a hamon line, and a karambit hole. Should I put it in the hamon lined folder, the bowie folder, or the karambit folder?"