Easter Break

Posted by Jason Ecos on

Heres a peek at our area. This is on the south side of our island about 3miles away from where we live. We got to the ocean through one of the local beaches ($1.25 admission) then swam/snorkeled down the coast to a very large abandoned property that used to be a 5 star resort...now it just sits empty. Which is fine for us since it gives us somewhere to enjoy the sun and surf in relative privacy.  Saw some lovely sea slugs (sea slugs are actually pretty cool looking), a green eel, hundreds of various small fish, and the usual beautiful starfish which can be found every 20ft or so. The next day we went to another beach down the shore with family where I found a stonefish. Luckily I found him by spotting him and not stepping on him since they are "one of the most venomous fish in the world" and can cause severe pain if the barbs get you....and they are pretty darn camouflaged.

(a view down the shore. at low tide the water is shallow 50-100ft from shore. the water is also usually very calm and bathwater warm)

(nice rock formations along the shore)

(mangrove area. like much of nature, mangroves were destroyed by man but after realizing their importance they are now protected and are making a comeback)

(some examples of local starfish. these were all within 10ft of where we pulled out the camera. before moving here I never realized how beautiful starfish could be. I always pictured them as brown and spindly. the ones here come in every color of the rainbow, have beautiful patterns and spikes.)