New batch of knives listed in our store, and news update.

Posted by Jason Ecos on

First off my apologies for not keeping up on the blog. I start stuff like this with the best intentions then I get distracted.

The big news of the moment is that we lost our apprentice. He decided to move onto other fields, and I don't blame him. Knifemaking is hot(really hot in the tropics at ocean level), hard work thats not known for its monetary compensation. Its more something you do as a passion.

What this means for the business is: delays. I have a hundred or two knives in various stages on completion I am finishing to put up for sale in our store over the next few months. But I also have a lot of custom orders I have to catch up on. I will be splitting my time between finishing up custom orders, getting some standing stock done, and also training a new apprentice or two.

It also means more hands on work for me. Over the past year I have taken more of a backseat with the actual production of the knives and have been concentrating on the business aspect. Knives are my oldest passion but of late I have been exploring other passions. Which led to not many interesting variations of designs like we used to have.  With me putting more time in the workshop you should see more diversity in the following years. My goals by 2016 are:  more wood, more leather, more titanium pieces, more tribal/neo-tribal looking pieces, and a model or two of light handaxe/tomahawk.