30% off sale on all pieces to clear out the ABS sheaths

Posted by Jason Ecos on

Hi guys,

We just relisted the items that were deactivated while my father was out of town (if you didn't know, he does our shipping for us). Theres a couple of items I added that I had forgot to add when this batch was originally listed.

Also we are running a 30% off sale on everything currently listed.  The reason for the sale is because we are making the switch to Kydex sheaths, instead of ABS, so I'd like to clear out the ABS inventory. The discount code is " 30sale " and can be typed in during checkout. The prices shown in the store do not have the discount applied yet, so they will be 30% cheaper than listed.

This sale includes the jewelry simply because it was easier for me to run a store-wide sale than items individually.

This sale will run on the current knives until inventory is gone.

You can read about the switch to Kydex here: www.ecosknives.com/blogs/news/switching-from-abs-to-kydex-sheaths

Also we are phasing out our Little Prick style Kiridashi. I'm pretty sure what you see in the store is the last we will have any time soon. Why are we phasing them out? I've made hundreds of them and I'm getting burnt out, so taking a break from them.

We are also switching from carbon steel prybars to titanium so the steel prybars you see listed will be the last. Why? Mainly because I like titanium and this gives me a good excuse to use it. The titanium prybars will have a bit higher price tag due to Ti being harder to work. Aiming for $30.

We plan on having the next batch done towards the beginning on March. The new batch will not be on sale.