Shipping/Import delay update

Posted by Jason Ecos on

We have been in communication with a shipping company called TNT that seems very open to the idea of shipping our knives. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this place so hopefully we can ship soon.

They have never had anyone try to ship knives from here and since most people here think of knives as bloody thirsty killing instruments they are being careful about getting all the permissions they need for shipping.  We got approval from their hq in Manila, the local supervisor in Cebu is fine with shipping them as long as he gets the permissions he needs.  He needed to verify that airline they use(Cathay Pacific) to ship goods allows knives, they got approval for that, and now the last step is getting a response from US Customs stating these types of knives are permitted entry.

I have provided him with the regulation that clearly states our items are not restricted items (19cfr 12.96) so as soon as US Customs replies to his email he will allow us to ship.

This is all really silly since you can buy knives in just about any store and everyone has a few in their house....but when it comes to shipping people act like you're trying to ship a nuclear device. Its very, very frustrating and with some of the people at the other shipping companies its like arguing with a tree stump.

I hope to be shipping within the next few days.