Items coming soon

Posted by Jason Ecos on

Hi guys,


Just letting everyone know we are finishing up a batch the last week of July and it should arrive in the US in the first 10days of August. This batch will have some 1095 steel, something thats been out of stock for months.

It consists of:

Small/thin chisel ground blades 15n20steel

Several large choppers 5160steel

Several cleavers 5160steel

2 flawed hamons (old inventory) 1095steel

Several 10-12 modern style tantos 5160steel

4-10 forge textured neck knives with a semi-polish(something we haven't offered for a good year) 1095steel


The following batch is also 50% done and will consist of various neck knives and hamon lined knives (new stock), 1095steel. I expect that closer to the end of August.