New batch on the way

Posted by Jason Ecos on

A new batch has been shipped and is on its way to the US. Due to arrive November 3rd. This may be the final batch in time for Christmas shopping. We hope to have one more batch ready but things always take longer than anticipated.

This is our largest batch shipped. Usually we ship about 3-4kg worth a a time for the online store and this shipment was 10kg. Diverse designs from small kiridashi to large choppers. We have a few pieces inspired by Phill Hartsfield....a couple small satin finished chisel ground tantos and daggers. These were fun to make and we will be making more as soon as we get more supplies from the US.(the steel used is not available over here, so we import it)

We also did some hand forged necklaces. This is something we haven't offered before but we thought we would try some new projects for fun.