News Update

Posted by Jason Ecos on

Its past time for an update so...
Still a big delay with getting some new knives done and up for sale. We are having trouble keeping a full time worker. In the past 60 days we have went through 4 workers. I don't blame them at all, knifemaking is hard work and hammering hot steel in the tropics is hot as Hades. But it is frustrating for us because we know customers are waiting to see new stuff and my time is going into training new workers.
Since knifemaking takes quit a bit of training the first few weeks of work for new workers is not productive. It usually amounts to a few hundred dollars of material being ruined. So in essence we are paying people hourly to ruin material...often material we have to pay to import and wait months for it to arrive. Again, not blaming them, its just the cost of doing business...but the fact remains its frustrating.
But definitely don't feel bad for us, life is good. One of the main reasons I started a business is for the freedom. I can work the hours I want, and work on what I want. Well summer has hit here so when I get frustrated I decide to take some time off from making knives.
Hammer on hot steel all day, or lounge on a tropical beach? Yeah, I've went the beach route lately. My work hours, when I'm not training, have been spent on non-knife projects, finishing up standing orders for long time customers, and trying some new stuff. Which all amounts to not many new knives listed in our online store.
We do have a batch of maybe 50 knives we hope to ship soon. If we don't find a worker soon I will be doing the work myself which means there probably won't be many standard models, and I will just make whatever sounds good to me at the time.
So to sum things has been on hold while we enjoy life and try to find someone to take over production. We have some new designs we've been working on, and some new pieces should hopefully be listed soon...but I'm not sure of exactly when yet.
Sorry for the delay, and we hope everyone is enjoying life as much as we are!