Shipping Delay!

As many of you know we are currently living out of the US. To save our customers a huge amount on shipping costs we ship the knives in batches to my father, who lives in the US. He then splits the batches up and ships them to individual customers.  Well, he will be out of town until March 27th so any knives purchased from now til then will have the shipping delayed until the 27th. Thanks for your understanding!

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The new site is finally up!

We finally have the new site up...and that also means we now accept credit cards, and we will continue accepting Paypal. The site is pretty basic, which is a good thing. Back when I first started Ecos I wanted a nice custom site...custom graphics, great resolution, nice photo galleries, etc etc.  Well I taught myself to learn Macromedia Dreamweaver, and a few other programs to make our first site. Along the way what I learned was more complicated isn't always better. For example I made custom photo galleries featuring some of our products in categories...karambits, bowies, hamon lined blades, etc....

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