6" Carbidized Titanium Knife


These knives  are made from 6Al4V titanium, and have been carbidized to increase edge retention. Titanium knives have pros and cons, they are half the weight, will never corrode, can be anodized, and are very tough. On the negative side they are a softer material than steel so they won't hold an edge as long as most steels, and being softer the edges can dent if smacked against a harder material. To address the edge holding issue we have carbidized them, which means we microweld a thin layer of tungsten carbide on one side. The tungsten carbide is extremely hard(much harder than steel), and greatly enhances edge retention. It also creates a rough edge that works as microserrations. Only sharpen the non-carbidized edge! For more info go here: https://www.ecosknives.com/pages/info-carbidizing

The coloring on titanium is an anodized layer that can wear off with use. This is true of all anodized layers, from all makers. It can be sent out to be recolored, and can even be done at home with a handful of 9v batteries (videos on Youtube showing how)



Overall Length:  5 7/8"

Blade Length:    2 5/8"

Blade Width      3/4"

Blade Thickness  .100"

Blade Grind:     Double Flat Grind 

Edge Grind:      Right hand chisel grind, carbidized on the off side

Blade Material:     6Al4V titanium

Blade Finish:   Etched and acid washed.

Handle:         Black braided cord underwrap, black paracord overwrap

Sheath:          Kydex with 3/4" hole spacing that can be tied on, or used with various aftermarket attachments available separately

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