* Forge Textured Kiridashi FLAWED

$40.00 $32.00

Orders placed May 7th- May 14th will not ship until the 15th. My father,who does our shipping, is out of town. Thank you for your understanding.

This piece is FLAWED(maybe)

We are listing a batch of 10 of this style kiridashi, some of them formed light corrosion that left small pits on the blade. Some have no corrosion and are not flawed. Instead of picking through the pieces and listing each flaw separately we just decided to give a discount on the entire batch. So you may get a flawed one, you may get a perfectly fine one. All flaws were in place when the photos were taken so if you don't see the flaws in the photo it either doesn't have a flaw or is too small to show in the photo.


Overall Length:  4 5/8"

Blade Length:    1 5/8"

Blade Width      1"

Blade Thickness  3/32"

Blade Grind:     Double Flat Ground

Edge Grind:      Double Flat Ground

Blade steel:     1095 High Carbon Steel

Heat Treatment:  Hand forged, normalized, hardened, oil quenched, and triple tempered.

Blade Finish:    Bevels ground to 150grit, flats with a forged texture.

Handle:          Green/black composite hand laid by us. Black carbon fiber pins..

Sheath:          ABS sheath. Sheath holes are drilled for  3/4" centers and can be used with a various hardware (sold separately) or tied to gear using Zip-Ties or cord.