Forged Steel/Iron Viking Rune Pendant

Forged Steel/Iron Viking Rune Pendant


(the pieces currently listed were trial pieces and are being sold at a reduced rate. the final product will be forged a bit thinner, and the runes forged deeper. prices on the final product will be $10+)

This is for ONE piece. Being hand forged, each piece is unique.

These are viking runes based on the Elder Futhark. Each rune has a certain meaning and wearing them is supposed to bless you with its power. The alphabet/meanings can be seen at the following site: (Please keep in mind its not my site, I just found it handy)

Each piece comes with a waxed cotton cord. The cord ends have NOT been tied, we leave that for you to choose if you want to tie a standard knot or an adjustable sliding knot.

These are forged from iron/low carbon steel, which is the traditional way of doing it. If you want stainless steel we offer that under another listing.

Being traditional carbon steel/iron these can develop surface rust in the right environments.(this is true from all jewelry sellers, not just us..its the nature of the metal) Although these have been quenched in wax which helps minimize rust. If a piece does rust its fairly easy to take care of, simple rub it down with either wax or oil with a slightly abrasive material..denim works well. This removes the active brown rust and gets it back t the gray color.


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