Cthulhu Leather Keychain LARGE


***These are based on a Leatherhub pattern. They are pretty fun to make, but very time consuming with hand stitching. The 4 listed are the first I've made and they are a bit LARGER than I expected. I don't think they are suited for a pants pocket, but they would work in a bag, etc. I have one sitting on my pc monitor. On future ones I will have a hole in the top of the head because I think they would look good dangling from a bag, rearview mirror, etc. These I currently have listed do NOT have the hole, but you could add one with a needle and hang it with thread, fishing line, etc. LISTING IS FOR ONE PIECE***


Made from genuine full grain veg tan leather that is hand dyed, antiqued, hand stitched, sealed with acrylic and conditioned with beeswax. Key ring is 304 stainless steel, with a 20mm diameter(smaller than average).

Leather is a natural product and as such it will vary from piece to piece. Grain size, scars from bug bites, brushes with barbwire fences, etc are to be expected. Its part of the beautiful of a natural product. Veg tan leather will patina and darken with age, just like antique leather chairs, etc. Leather should be conditioned from time to time with a good leather conditioner.

Colors may differ slightly from the pics due to individual screens and me not being the worlds best photographer. 

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