DISCOUNTED Acid Etched Bowie Knife With Kydex Sheath

$110.00 $55.00

This is one of a few pieces of old stock that were set aside and forgotten from 2020. Unfortunately I lost the original photos, so I had my dad snap a couple quick pics. The pics are pretty low quality but this is an acid etched bowie with a grey/black/purple paracord wrap.  Price has been reduced by 50% due to being old stock and bad photos.

Sheath has holes to use with attachments like belt loops, etc but none are included.


Overall Length:  12"

Blade Length:     7" 

Blade Width      1 5/8"

Blade Thickness  3/16"

Blade Grind:     Double Flat Grind

Edge Grind:      Double Flat Grind

Blade steel:     5160 High Carbon Steel

Heat Treatment:  Hand forged, normalized, differentially hardened, oil quenched, and double tempered.

Blade Finish:  Acid etched

Handle:         Black satin cord underwrap with purple/gray/black paracord overwrap that is sealed with resin to keep it from ever unwrapping

Sheath:          Kydex sheath

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