* Karamklaw with Laser Engraving


Orders placed May 7th- May 14th will not ship until the 15th. My father,who does our shipping, is out of town. Thank you for your understanding.

The laser engraved design is something new we are offering. This is not just a surface coating, the design is engraved into the surface of the steel so it won't come off with use.


Overall Length:  4 3/4"

Blade Length:    2 1/2"

Blade Width      1 1/4"

Blade Thickness  3/16"

Blade Grind:     Double Flat Grind

Edge Grind:      Double Flat Grind

Blade steel:     5160 High Carbon Steel

Heat Treatment:  Hand forged, normalized, hardened, oil quenched, and triple tempered.

Blade Finish:    Etched. Our etching is very deep and will not wear away and fade like surface coatings. It also helps hide imperfections that comes with use.

Handle:          Black braided cord that is then sealed with epoxy resin to keep it from ever unwrapping.

Sheath:          ABS sheath. Sheath holes are drilled for either 3/4" centers and can be used with avarious hardware (sold separately) or tied to gear using Zip-Ties or cord.