Knap Textured Kiridashi

$36.00 $31.00

The picture shown may not be the exact piece you receive. Measurements will vary slightly from piece to piece. The Ecos marking is on the blade bevel on some pieces, and the spine on other pieces. In the future all of them will be marked on the spine. Price has been reduced $5 due to some of them being older models with the Ecos logo on the blade.


Specifications: (specs may vary due to being handmade)

Overall Length:  5 3/4"

Blade Length:    1 1/2"

Blade Width      3/4"

Blade Thickness  3/16"

Blade Grind:     Asymmetrical right hand flat grind

Edge Grind:      Asymmetrical right hand flat grind

Blade steel:     5160 Carbon Steel

Heat Treatment:  Normalized, hardened, oil quenched, and triple tempered.

Blade Finish:    100grit machined bevels, forge texture on the flats.

Handle:          Knap textured, colored with acid. Comes with cotton cord landyard and nickel plated bead(these beads are often sold online as stainless but are actually plated, they will patina just like the knives)

Sheath:          ABS sheath. Sheath holes are drilled for either 3/4"  centers and can be used with various hardware (sold separately) or tied to gear using Zip-Ties or cord.