Rough Finished Hamon Bowie Knife with Kydex Sheath

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Yes, thats a hamon line on the blade. We just gave this our rough "apocalyptic" finish instead of handsanding it like we do to bring out the hamon itself.

Being handmade, sizes are estimates, they could vary slightly (1/4" or so)


Overall Length:  10"

Blade Length:     5"

Blade Width      1 1/2"

Blade Thickness  5/32"

Blade Grind:     Double flat grind

Edge Grind:      Double Flat Grind

Blade steel:     1084 High Carbon Steel

Heat Treatment:  Hand forged, normalized, hardened, oil quenched, and double tempered.

Blade Finish:  Our rough "apocalyptic" finish. Ground to 60grit on the bevels, natural steel/firescale texture on the flats, acid washed to give it a grey color

Handle:        Black satin cord underwrap with a black paracord overwrap that is then sealed with resin so it never unravels.

Sheath:          Kydex sheath with 3/4" hole spacing.