Small Carbidized Titanium Composite Knife



This piece is made from G10/titanium composite. It features carbidizing (to read more about carbidizing go here: ) .

Titanium and composite blades are not for everyone. They have pros and cons. Pros: Very lightweight, will never corrode, color never wears off. Cons: Titanium is softer than steel so its not good for chopping, its better at slicing. Not as tough as a solid steel knife.

For those of you wondering about the toughness...I have had one in my workshop for 10yrs...its still going strong even though its abused. Another piece a friend of mine has had for 15yrs...still going strong. Etc. However these shouldn't be batoned through logs, used as a prybar, hammered on, etc because there is the chance of delamination between the G10 and a nice steel heat treated for toughness(or a prybar) for that. Buy these for what knives are intended for..cutting/slicing.


Overall Length:  4 3/4"

Blade Length:    2"

Blade Width      3/4"

Blade Thickness  5/32"

Blade Grind:     Double Flat Grind

Edge Grind:      Right Hand Chisel Grind, Carbidzed Offside

Blade steel:     6AL4V titanium, tungsten carbide carbidizing, red G10

Blade Finish:   Machined to 80grit.

Handle:         Red G10, black braided cord that is sealed with resin so it never unwraps.

Sheath:          Kydex sheath. Sheath holes are drilled for 3/4" centers and can be used with various hardware (sold separately) or tied to gear using Zip-Ties or cord.

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