Tapered Viking Triskele Stamped Leather Bracelet

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Made from genuine full grain veg tan leather that is hand stamped, hand dyed, sealed with acrylic and conditioned with beeswax conditioner. Edges have been chamfered for comfort.

This bracelet comes with holes for 3 sizes:

Small 6 3/4"

Medium  7 1/2"

Large 8 3/8"

Please make sure to measure your wrist properly, as we don't take returns. Since your arm gets wider the closer to the elbow you get, if the bracelet is 2" wide, make sure to measure your arm 2" up from the wrist, If it's 3" wide measure 3" up etc.

The closure is a Sam Brown stud (brass stud, steel screw), and it can be done one handed. The first few times you fasten it, it may be tight until the leather stretches to size. The stud comes untightened in case you need to change holes. Make sure to tighten it before wearing it!

Leather is a natural product and as such it will vary from piece to piece. Grain size, scars from bug bites, brushes with barbwire fences, etc are to be expected. Its part of the beautiful of a natural product.