About Us

Ecos Knives is dedicated to providing high performance custom knives at affordable prices.

We strive to provide knives where performance is priority, followed by price, and then the finish. While knives with flawless mirror polishes, or 1,200 grit hand rubbed satin finishes are great to look at, with a knife intended for regular use, such as an EDC knife, the finish will soon get scratched and stained up. These finishes take a lot of time to do properly thus raising the price, therefore you just paid a lot of money for a finish that will soon be ruined with use. Our knives are intended to be used.

We are a small business located in the Philippines. We use no automated equipment. Using the best materials and a mix of modern and old techniques we create a variety of work ranging from kiridashi, neck knives, tactical / self defense knives, camp knives, chef knives, bowies, hunters, skinners, etc. Many of our knives have an ethnic / tribal feel to them. Our inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources including Japanese cutlery, ancient African weapons, Malaysian, Polynesian, etc.
(Left to right: Juvel, Jason, and Hazel)
Ecos was started by Jason who is a self taught maker that started making knives at age 14. At the time of writing this he has been making knives for 24yrs. Originally concentrating his efforts on stainless steel blades with immaculate finishes (hand rubbed satin finishes, mirror polishes, etc) He soon found while these finishes look great they soon get messed up with actual use. So he decided to start Ecos to offer custom knives with user grade finishes at affordable prices.
After being in business for a few years he met Hazel, who shared common interests (namely both being avid readers). After a few years of friendship it blossomed into a relationship(and were married in 2014). Hazel has a background in business administration and was a legal secretary for 18yrs. She handles many of the business aspects of Ecos including finding material suppliers, answering emails, invoicing, etc.
Our head of security. Also goes by the names Fuzzbutt, and Mongrelian. Our fuzzy little companion that guards the perimeter. Knows dozens of words/commands, and strikes terror into the hearts of would-be thieves. Has a bad habit of chewing up Flip-Flops. Joined our home as a pup in 2012.