How To Care For Your Knife

Prevent Rust - Given the right conditions any steel can rust, even stainless. High carbon steel are more prone to rusting so added precaution should be taken. I recommend wiping the blades down with a wax or oil to prevent rusting. Waxes tend to stay on longer, thus protecting the steel for longer periods. Many types of oil will work but I prefer gun oil because it does a good job of cleaning the steel. For wax I recommend using carnuba wax, which is often sold in the automotive section for waxing cars. Make sure to buy pure wax and not polish...the polish contains grit which can scratch up the metal.


Keep It In a Good Enviroment - Store out of sunlight. Sun is very strong and can bleach color from materials, break down epoxy, warp woods, warp Kydex, etc. It is a good idea to store valued items out of the sunlight (this applies to non-knife items as well). Try to keep your sheaths clean - all it takes is a little sand to find its way in a sheath to scratch a blade up. And of course, keep it out of reach of children that aren't mature enough to use a knife.


Be Careful! - Ecos Knives are very sharp and can do a lot of damage. Always be aware of where the edge of the knife is and what direction you are cutting. If at all possible always cut away from yourself. Most injuries occur when someone cuts towards themselves and slips. Always cut from the base of the blade towards the tip if possible. This keeps your hand from slipping up on the blade. Make sure your hand, and other body parts, are out of the way when drawing the knife from the sheath. This is especially important in slippery conditions. With a little care you can avoid injury. I have a knife in my hand for hours everyday and I haven't cut myself for around 20yrs (instead I accidently burn myself, sand my finger tips off, smash fingers with a hammer, etc)...