Pre-Order Info

Pre-order items are items that you put a down payment on, then we start working on them once your order is placed.

We do not require 100% down, in fact we absolutely do not want it paid in full upfront. Instead, we charge a base fee, which is 20-30% of the full price, plus any upgrades you may choose (a leather sheath instead of kydex, a stingray wrap instead of satin cord, etc). We much prefer the incentive of getting paid once our work is done. Having knives fully paid upfront is debt, which we try to avoid. The upfront cost just pays for materials, and let's us know you're serious about the order. Once your order has been started, we do not accept cancellations.

Delivery times will vary based on our current workload, and our current lead times will be updated, and posted at the top of this page.

Below are some examples of materials we use in our products.


Cotton cord

Satin cord



Composites, Micarta, carbon fiber, g10