1/4" Truss Head Screws With Slotted Post For Sheath Attachments

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Listing is for 2 sets. 1/4" length. This works well with thin straps(nylon webbing) with thinner Kydex, but may be a bit short for thicker straps (leather, etc), and thicker Kydex. Use the 3/8"+ for thicker stuff. Since theres so many hardware attachment options, and sheath thicknesses, its up to you to insure you get the proper size.

Industry standard carbon steel with a black oxide coating (not stainless), these are used to attach sheaths to belt loops, Teklok's, straps, etc

The screw:  Flat top Truss screws in black oxide steel (not stainless). The Flat-Head Truss is shaped in a way that provides fastening support with the least amount of surface obstruction.  The Flat-Head Truss Screw provides a flat surface under the head, which will sit flush and provide a clean look and positive lock.

The post: Slotted back to easily attach and remove hardware. Black oxide steel (not stainless)