Bone Necklace Pendant


Only one piece included (the pictures show the front and back)

Made from cow bone left over from the meat industry, we age the bones in the ground for a few months before cutting and shaping them by hand. They are hand colored, and sealed with acrylate resin.

These are made from genuine bone. Many pieces of jewelry sold online are marketed as bone, but are actually cast plastic.(sold on ebay as "yak bone", etc) Being a natural product it may change with age, it may form small cracks or darken in color. Although these pieces have been sealed with acrylate to help prevent this. They should not be worn in water, and you can periodically rub them down with wax to help preserve them. With care the pendant can last many years. I have been wearing my personal necklace for over a year and it still looks new. I simply take it off before showering/swimming, and wax it once a month.

Item comes with a waxed cotton cord. The ends of the cord are NOT tied. We left them untied so you can decide if you want a fixed knot, or a slider knot.

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