EDC Bolt Action Brass Pen With Shipwreck Patina -Large Inkpen Ballpen

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Brass pen machined from solid brass, refillable ink cartridge, with a heavy weight. After the patina, we apply a clear lacquer coating. Pen is able to be disassembled and ships finger-tight only, you might want to tighten the parts up further.

The nice thing about brass is that its a "living" surface, meaning it changes with time. High wear areas will polish up to shiny brass, low wear areas will keep the patina, bare areas will be affected by its environment...what colors form depends on your body chemistry and exposure....browns, blacks, green, blues, etc are all possible.

(All our brass photos were taken in bright sunlight, and closeup...which makes the colors look more intense than they do at a distance and in dimmer light. From a few feet away, out of sunlight expect a more subtle looking patina...closeup and in bright light they look like this)

This is an item we purchased to modify and/or resell, we didn't manufacture it.