Cross Engraved Bone Necklace Pendant

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Featuring an intricately handcrafted real bone pendant, engraved with a Christian cross, this tribal necklace is an elegant work of art. The durable nylon cord ensures a comfortable wear for lasting style. Add a unique touch to your look with this artisanal necklace.

Many pieces of jewelry sold online are marketed as bone, but are actually cast plastic.(sold on eBay as "yak bone", etc) They should submerged in water for long periods. With care the pendant can last many years. I have been wearing my personal necklace for over 2 years and it still looks new. I simply take it off before showering/swimming.

Item comes with a cotton cord. The ends of the cord are NOT tied. We left them untied so you can decide if you want a fixed knot, or a slider knot.

Only one piece included..