Forged STAINLESS Steel Snake Blacksmith Pendant

Regular price $15.00

This is for ONE piece. Being hand forged, each piece is unique.

These are hand forged snake necklace pendants forged from stainless steel. We also forge them from iron/steel too...which is more traditional see our other listings for those.

So why stainless? The benefit of stainless is that less care is needed. Our steel/iron necklaces have been quenched in wax which helps prevent rust, but being iron/carbon steel they can still develop surface rust under certain conditions. With these stainless ones that isn't an issue.

You don't often see forged stainless steel on the market and the reason for that is its a pain in the butt to forge. Temperatures during forging need to be kept hot to prevent the stainless from cracking, and since necklaces are so small they cool down very fast. Which means more time making them since we have to keep placing them back into the fire, thus the slightly higher cost.