Large Maori Engraved Bone Necklace Pendant

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This handmade engraved Hei Toki bone necklace pendant is crafted with a real bone pendant inscribed with an elegant Maori / surfer culture design and a solid brass bail, strung on a stylish black nylon cord. Enjoy wearing a unique piece of jewelry with a subtle, artisan feel.

The piece has a crack on the back. This is common when drying out bone, and happens even more often when the bones thick. Since this piece is cut from a whole cow rib bone, instead of a bone slab its pretty thick at around 3/8"-1/2" with a hollow core. The crack won't harm anything, and in my opinion adds character. The necklace is still very solid.

Many pieces of jewelry sold online are marketed as bone, but are actually cast plastic.(sold on eBay as "yak bone", etc)..ours are real. They shouldn't be submerged in water for long periods. With care the pendant can last many years. I have been wearing my personal necklace for over 2 years and it still looks new. I simply take it off before showering/swimming.

Item comes with a hand braided nylon cord. The ends of the cord are loosely tied, and cut long. 

Only one piece included. The back of the pendant is smooth bone.