Paracord Lanyard with Solid Brass Bead -Large

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Hand knotted milspec nylon paracord lanyards with solid brass beads. All are made from solid brass, the other colors are plated/patina applied over the brass.

These are the large size and will fit most knife handles. A 6mm (1/4") hole or larger is recommended to be able to feed the paracord loops through. 

Paracord is made from various materials like polypropylene, and nylon. We use nylon because it holds up much better to wear and tear.

The nice thing about brass is that its a "living" surface, meaning it changes with time. High wear areas will polish up to shiny brass, low wear areas will keep the patina, bare areas will be affected by its environment...what colors form depends on your body chemistry and exposure....browns, blacks, green, blues, etc are all possible.


6 1/2" overall

2 1/2" long loop

One per purchase.